Extraordinary things happen more often than you think. It was an ordinary day in 2011 when Mike and Becky Marasco said yes to acquiring the ice cream and italian ice stand in the quaint historic town of Wyoming, Delaware. That became the beginning of many prodigious days as we began our journey into the world of ice cream and italian ice.

Mike and Becky are blessed with three lovely daughters. Can you imagine their excitement when they were asked how they felt about owning a, there’s no place just like this place, seasonal, ice cream and italian ice stand. Their responses were one for the books. We get to eat ice cream everyday. . . . yes!! And, I humbly volunteer to taste test anything you need me too. Can I scoop ice cream too?! Our response to this last request was that they had to be big enough to hold the scoop and reach the ice cream. (reading between the lines our youngest daughters hands were not big enough to work the scoop and she was not tall enough to reach the ice cream but she was able to clean and make change . (Cool jobs but to her not “cool enough.”) 

So one of the first fun items we checked off our list was the naming. After much thought, many discarded ideas, (truly it’s was good that some of the ideas were tossed) Mike and Becky finally decided on Tre Sorelle Dolce. This italian name translates to Three Sweet Sisters. It is a great adventure and we anticipate each new season with great excitement.